As Sar Group, every field we operate is more important than providing trust and appreciation to our customers by feeding the service we offer with our continuous improvement and enlightenment.Our service understanding is developing in a way that will respond to the demands of today’s world as it is being merged with our social values from the past.

Our company continues to grow and renew itself in different sectors with its visionary, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. While continuing our growth goals with sound and determined steps, we continue our path without respecting our traditional principles, respecting the environment, valuing people first, in the awareness of our social responsibilities.

We are working to realize our goal of carrying this high-quality service that we produce and share to the outside of the country boundaries and walk with solid steps and to move forward with our foreign investments and projects. And we are excited to continue proudly our steady growth in new roots.

We will continue to prosperously develop our investments and provide employment and open up the front of young and talented individuals as we combine the experience and knowledge we have accumulated over the past 60 years with today’s innovative and entrepreneurial approach.

We are proud of continuing to develop innovative knowledge and to share our experience with our colleagues in all the sectors we operate and to progress with them. In the same way we are nourished by the creativity and dynamism of our young and talented team. I would like to thank all my colleagues for being part of this achievement.

Best Regards,

Bayram Sarı – Head Of Board