Sar Group bases in the early 1950s with its stone quarry and mining initiatives and operations. It has grown as it has made investments on different branches and has taken its place among the leading companies.

With its succesful initiatives and over 40 years of experiences, it also wrote his name in the construction sector with its construction materials selling activities in early 90s.

It showed that it is a company that responds best to the needs of its customers with its projects and services it offers in the sector, and it is a company that can also consider every detail and present more than necessary.

Since the beginning of the year 2000, Sar Group has become one of the leading companies that further consolidate its existing position day by day with the ready-mixed concrete production activities, and then it has built its industrial logistics warehouse after 2013 and has started its leasing activities. Along with that, Sar Group has done successful initatives on housing field as it has increased interests on housing projects.

In recent years, Sar Group has continued to work in the mining sector in Ghana and has set its goal to increase foreign investment and projects and to grow and progress in abroad.

Sar Group has been actively involved in the leasing of concrete equipments since the year of 2016 and continues its rapid and steady progress in the sector.

As adding new and different perspectives to its progress of quality and vision,Sar Group contributes to the economy and development of the country by its investments made in different sectors.