Sar group aims to present the top quality products with the most privileged service approaches in Turkey and World with all the innovations that will pave the way for sustainable growth and development in order to become a leader and pioneering company in the sector

Our principles that guide us and we never compromise since our organization founded;

The most fundamental principle of the company is to continue its activities with the understanding of providing services based on trust and products.It is our most valuable knowledge to advance both in today’s and tomorrow’s awareness of our responsibilities and to pass on our past heritage to future generations on this path.

It is to create good faith and trust-based relationships with everyone we cooperate, all of our employees and all of our customers we serve.

It is always considering the necessity of creating value and providing employment in order to contribute to the country’s economy and to continue to progress as a company with the awareness of its social responsibilities at all times.

It is to take as a duty to pursuing and examining developments in the sector at the global level with an innovative perspective to be able to present better, and to advance by making a difference on introducing innovations and pioneering with ideas

Offering the best in every area served and keeping the customer satisfaction at the top is the best quality in our products and services, with every area needing from beginning to end with interest and zero mistake.

Most especially , our soul who holds humanity and respects human beings, must advance to every field of our company, to dominate every one of us and to respect and protect the environment with this consciousness.